Saturday, March 23, 2019

Station Listing for the 2019 Pirate Radio Annual

As I mentioned in my blog post from yesterday, the 2017-2018 Pirate Radio Annual is finished and the files are at the printer. I don't know yet when the books will be available, but I hope it'll be within the month.

I spent a few hours today and assembled the station listing for the 2019 PRA. The stations in this list are those that have been reported in North America on shortwave in 2018. The second list is stations from Europe and South America that were reported across a significant part of North America in 2018.

If you're a DXer or a station operator, please e-mail me to let me know if I missed any stations here. If so, please include links to the missing station.

Amphetamine Radio
Bah Bah Radio. See Bye Bye Radio
Bangalore Poacher
BID Radio. See Burn It Down Radio
Big Johnson Radio
Black Pearl Radio
Black Swamp Radio
Blue Ocean Radio
Brownie Radio
Buddha Radio
Burn It Down Radio
Bye Bye Radio
Canadian National Radio
Captain Morgan
Captain Zee-Key
Carpet Shark
Cat Radio. See WCAT
Celtic Music Radio
Chamberpot Radio
Channel Z
Cinder Claus Radio International
Clever Name Radio
Cool AM
The Crystal Ship
DB Cooper Radio
Deez Nuts Radio
DimBulb Radio
DORM Radio
Dr. Detroit
Drunken Squirrel Radio
Drunken Winky Radio
The Electric Circus
Evil Elvis
Fess Parker Radio
Freedom Radio
The Ghost Shortwave
Goat Herder Radio
Green Monster Radio
Hot Legs Radio
Hot Radio
Howdy Doody Radio
Insane Radio
International Free Radio Service
Ion Radio
Kid from Brooklyn Shortwave
King Kong Radio
KINK Radio
KOOT Radio
Lukewarm Radio
Man Cave Radio
Mat Radio 2000
Misfit Radio
Mix Radio International
Montreal Rose
Moonlight Radio
Mother's Milk Radio
Newport Pirate Radio
Nuttin' on Shortwave
Old Pirate Radio
Outhouse Radio
Partial India Radio
Peace Radio
Pee Wee
Piss Ant Radio
Planet Z Radio
Rabid Rabbit
Radio Appalachia
Radio Boo Boo
Radio Casablanca
Radio Cobain
Radio Comedy Club International
Radio Enterhaken
Radio Free Connecticut
Radio Free Do Whatever
Radio Free Ramones
Radio Free Whatever
Radio Fusion Radio
Radio Ga-Ga
Radio Galifrey Intergalactic
Radio Humperdoo
Radio Illuminati
Radio Olah
Radio Paisano
Radio Stasi
Radio Strange Outpost 7 (RSO7)
Radio Tango America
Rave on Radio
RCCI. See Radio Comedy Club International
Recycle Radio
The Relay Station
Renegade Radio
Rockabilly Radio
Sekio Radio
Seven Trees Radio
Skippy Radio
Sloppy Joe Radio
Solar Centric Radio
Space Radio
Spectres of Shortwave
Squirrel Radio
Stretchy Radio
TCS. See The Crystal Ship
This Is Not WMPR
    Calvin Coolidge
    Fruitcake Station
    Remember Pearl Harbor
    Sousa Station
    Titanic tribute
UNID Radio
Unidentified Radio
Unsuspected Radio
Toynbee Radio
Turkey Breast Radio
The Vinyl Station
Voice of America
Voice of the Angry Cat
Voice of Elvis
Voice of Monotony
Voice of Pancho Villa
Voice of the Report of the Week
Voice of the Yetti
WBPR. See Black Pearl Radio
The Whistler
Wild 100
WNBC relay
Wolverine Radio
Woolvureen Radio
WQXI relay
WQXR relay
X - 1
Yeah Man Radio
Yetti Radio. See Voice of the Yetti
Zodiac Radio

Europe and South America
Coast FM
Crazy Wave Radio
Energy FM
Focus International
Key Channel Radio
Laser Hot Hits
Lupo Radio
Radio Abu Dhabi
Radio Harmony
Radio Powerplay
Radio Zeppelin
Zenith Classic Rock

Friday, March 22, 2019


After spending too long creating and placing running heads, creating the cover, and debugging files over the past two or three weeks, the 2017-2018 Pirate Radio Annual is done and at the printer, as of this afternoon! This edition is 308 pages and will contain an audio CD-R (playable on standard CD players) containing clips from 86 different pirate stations from around the world, nearly all from 2016 and 2017. This edition contains 181 illustrations and entries for approximately 307 stations reported in North America in 2016 and 2017 (280 North American shortwave stations and 27 from Europe and South America).

Now I have my fingers crossed that the files will be OK and the printer won't have any problems.

Then, I'll have to start work on the 2019 Pirate Radio Annual . . .

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A couple more Dutch MW logs via Twente

A few logs via the Twente web receiver:

1611, 2/7, *1615+ Modern dance music, into schlager. Played some short segments of various more modern pop or rock songs, including George Thorogood "Bad to the Bone" around 1645 or so, then into much older schlager songs. Audio very strong, but not distorted

1629, 2/7, 1600-1635* instrumental & vocal schlager songs, male announcer in Dutch. Announcement & off after an older instrumental schlager song. A song or two sounded like calliope music. Good signal, but some interference from a data station on about 1622-1624. Someone on the chat said "1629 Edel," so maybe Radio Edelkampioen?

Dolfijn Radio (?): 1629, 2/7, 1955+ Calliope-sounding music & schlager. I think one song was The Mavericks "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down." On the pirate chat, a listener mentioned ID as Dolfijn, but I only heard talk from a male announcer at about 2030. Not sure about the ID because I have a tough time understanding anything in Dutch (and a lot of other languages :o)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Follow up to 1/30 logs

I received an e-mail from Ray about my 1645 kHz log on the Twente receiver. Yup, it was not Misti Radio, but rather someone playing a song for Misti. Here's the e-mail:

Your station on 1645 kHz logged at 1650 utc on Jan 30th is not Misti Radio, but Zender Concorde, playing hard rock, including German rock.

You can hear it again through the site of achimbrueckner, with a recording beginning at 1641 utc (after two shorter ones of the same station). That is a very good recording, just a bit of noise. At about 11min42sec, the DJ says "OK Misti..." and more in Dutch, agreeing about a request for a record from Rainbow. Then playing that record, I think (I don't know really that rock group).

I did not hear an ID of the station, but I'm pretty sure that Achim could not be wrong on such a good reception.

Many thanks to Ray for the clarification and research!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Couple of SDR logs from this morning.  I'm still laying out the Pirate Radio Annual, so maybe I'll add more to this post, maybe not, but I at least wanted to post something!

Via SDR in New York
OTR unid: 6770, 1/30, 1410+ Fading out at times but heard an episode of Hallmark Playhouse with a Hallmark Card ad at the end, into Night Beat episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” originally aired on 10/27/1950. At end, went into NBC promos. QRT part-way through the promos

Via Twente Receiver
Misti R (?): 1645, 1/30, 1650- Male DJ in Dutch, but did say “misty,” so I assume this is either Misti Radio or he was saying hi to Misti. Rainbow “Long Live Rock’n’Roll,” Stevie Nix “Stand Back”

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Dairy Dome + update

Many current North American pirate listeners will remember that Pirate Radio Boston was an excellent verifier and had a series of QSLs of scenes from the Boston area. One QSL that I received featured the Dairy Dome, a fitting QSL for someone who likes ice cream as much as I do. The Dairy Dome looked like an iconic place, with a gilded dome reminiscent of Middle Eastern architecture and columns throughout.

Unfortunately, the Dairy Dome was torn down today. I haven't looked up a history of the business or of the location yet, but my guess is that it's a bit like old Tiger Stadium; once the Tigers left, the stadium was torn down. Once PRB retired, the Dairy Dome held on for a year, but the final outcome was obvious.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Global HF Weekend Day 3

In years past, day 3 was good for high-frequency tests (19 & 13m) in the morning through the afternoon hours. Mostly tests from Europe, but some from North America, too. Given the conditions on the high frequencies, it seems unlikely that we'll have much (any?) activity up there today, but we'll see.

Not sure what's going on with Iann's pirate chat, but I can't log in at all. I had gone for years with automatically being able to log in any time I wanted, but now when I do, I get the typical "SnoogieDumplings" or whatever login name that you get when the system doesn't recognize you, but when I try to send a message or anything else, it gives me a network error. In the past, I could send messages & be recognized by the admins.

On a positive note, I received my November copy of the Spectrum Monitor last week. If you don't know what the Spectrum Monitor is, it's a PDF-only magazine about radio and DXing. It has many of the old columnists from Monitoring Times, so I tend to think of it as a PDF version of MT. The latest issue has an excellent buyer's guide for portable radios, written by Thomas Witherspoon, who is probably the best-known current reviewer of these receivers, at least in North America. Another great feature is the new equipment at WBCQ, including photos of their monster 200-ton rotatable antenna! Year subscriptions are $24 for issues & back issues are $3 apiece.

Yeti Radio: 6927, 11/4, 1258+ After tuning around 19m and listening to All India Radio on 15030 kHz for a bit, I tuned to 6925 and heard the splatter from a strong SSTV signal. Nice to finally hear something with a strong signal! Unfortunately, I didn't have a computer hooked up with that receiver that had MMSSTV running, so I couldn't decode it. ID per Chris at HFU.

Ion Radio: 6930, 11/4, 1750+ I saw the carrier on the Winradio with the makeshift antenna, but couldn't hear anything. Ran up to the Drake & it's coming in but really weak. On HFU, some listeners posted SSTV images, including one about Global HF Weekend.