Sunday, October 27, 2013

11m SSTV Images from 10/27/13

This weekend, I let the radio run on 27700 kHz USB when I was away or doing other things. 27700 kHz is a popular frequency for international outbanders, CBers who operate illegally outside of the citizen's band, and often with much more power. Conditions have been good on the high frequencies and, although these aren't pirate broadcasts, they can be interesting to decode. Here are the clearer images that I could decode:

According to the database, Agostino transmits from Milan with a few different Kenwood transceivers and has been active for nearly 30 years.

Mexican operator 10AD707 has a nice-looking blog at

I couldn't find much on 13ECH21, but I like the TV test patterns.

I also couldn't find much on Gunter, but I received a few SSTV images from him over the weekend.

And finally, 104TDT001 is from Corsica and also has a nice website:

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