Sunday, January 19, 2020

Loggings & a few other things

I've been finishing my column for The Spectrum Monitor over the weekend. One of the remarkable stories that I scratched the surface of was Chris Smolinski's reception of CBS Radio from Greece on 1730 kHz. I definitely need to start checking the 1720-1790 area for Greek pirates. Dutch pirates would probably propagate much better over here, but they're essentially all between about 1615 and 1670 kHz. Our best bet at reception would be to use a loop on stations that operate on split channels.

Radio 48: 6925, 1/18, 2000 or so I tuned in, started recording, and the washer changed cycles and the RFI wiped it out.

Renegade Radio: 6935U, 1/18, 2211* Tuned in during song, voice came in and I tweaked the BFO to get everything sounding right, hit Record, and . . . it was gone. Bad timing; I haven't heard Renegade in a long time.

Via Twente webreceiver
1656, 1/19, 1445-1515* Mostly older music by The Kinks, The Fireballs "Bottle of Wine" etc. Excellent signal. Talk by DJ around 1510 over "I Was Made for Loving You." Sounded like he said "Amazonia" or maybe "Arizona"?

Friday, January 10, 2020

Neil Peart

Wow, can't believe Neil Peart, drummer from Rush, died today at age 67 from brain cancer.

"Spirit of Radio" is not only a classic song about radio, but its disappoint in the status quo makes it a great pirate radio song as well: