Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Hobby Broadcasting Radio QSLs


The QSLs just arrived from the printer! I think I'm overly enthusiastic to have a few hundred QSLs printed for just a shortwave program, but why not? 😜 

I'm sending out hardcopy QSLs to listeners who send a hardcopy report in. I'll verify reports for whatever radio station aired it, whether WBCQ, pirates, or Part-15 stations. So far, I've sent out eQSLs for e-mailed reports to people who heard HB Radio on WBCQ and Mix Radio International.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Hobby Broadcasting Radio #1 in the can


Hobby Broadcasting Radio show #1 done. Whew! It's scheduled to be aired on WBCQ's 5130-kHz transmitter on Thursday November 17 from 11-12 PM EST (November 18 from 0400-0500 UTC).

This show is primarily an interview with Brian Penney (longtime pirate listener and also the pirate radio columnist for NASWA), where we also talk about Halloween stations and manage to squeeze in some clips from stations on that weekend. 

The plan is for HB Radio to be on the air every third Thursday of the month at this time on 5130 kHz. I also hope to get it on to a video platform (not that there's any video), such as YouTube or Rumble. My hope is that those will be good outlets for people to learn about shortwave radio--especially independent shortwave radio.

If you hear show #1, did it sound like something you'd want to listen to each month? If not, is there anything we could do to make it better?