Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Hobby Broadcasting Radio QSLs


The QSLs just arrived from the printer! I think I'm overly enthusiastic to have a few hundred QSLs printed for just a shortwave program, but why not? 😜 

I'm sending out hardcopy QSLs to listeners who send a hardcopy report in. I'll verify reports for whatever radio station aired it, whether WBCQ, pirates, or Part-15 stations. So far, I've sent out eQSLs for e-mailed reports to people who heard HB Radio on WBCQ and Mix Radio International.


  1. In addition to my previous comment, I have a LPAM Part 15 station in Groveton NH and would be delighted to include Hobby Broadcasting on my transmitter!

  2. Hi, Thanks for the comment & offer. That'd be awesome for HB Radio to be aired on your station!