Sunday, July 24, 2016

International shipping costs for Pirate Radio Annual

Sorry, I've been slow with posting info about international shipping. I've been disappointed with the dramatic increase in costs.

My apologies for our postal system, but they keep jacking up our international rates. Now it's up to $15.50 to ship to Canada and $22.50 to send to Europe! I'm charging $14 to Canada & $21 to Europe to try to save everyone a little bit of money.

Also, it's the same price to send 2 copies, so if you have a friend, you could go together, buy a couple of copies and save $7 (in Canada) or $10.50 per copy (in Europe)

It's absurd that it costs more than 5X the price to send a copy to Canada than to Hawaii or Alaska. 

So here are the prices:

One copy to Canada: $16 + 14 = $30

Two copies to Canada: $32 + 14 = $46

One copy to Europe: $16 + 21 = $37

Two copies to Europe: $32 + 21 = $53

You can either send the payment via check or MO to:

Cabinet Communications

POB 109
BRS, PA 17214

or make a PayPal payment to info /@/ hobbybroadcasting dot com (take out the spaces & slashes).

Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekend Logs, 7/1/16-7/3/16

Hey, I finally heard something on my own receiver . . . but keeping in with the theme of the week it's via Europe.

Coast FM (relay): 6205, 7/2, 0217+ Just tuned across 48 meters and this signal is much better than Focus. Decent audio levels & enough carrier strength to flatten some of the many t-storm crashes. The signal isn't airchair level, but I should be able to get some details and I think it's actually more copyable than when I was listening to it on via Twente at 1845.

Focus International: 6285, 7/2, 0100+ I could clearly hear the announcer and piano music. Lots of t-storm crashes. I'm hoping to go over the recording later and hopefully get enough details out of it to send a reception report. Pretty cool to have listened to this off'n'on all day on the computer, then to have a chance to hear it directly.

Europe via Twente
Mike Radio: 5895, 7/1, 1938+ Said testing and talking about the mixer & other equipment. Talk in a mixture of Dutch and English. New microphones! A number of live IDs. Nena "99 Luftballoons" (German version), Men at Work "Land Down Under," Greetings to Artem in Moscow

Coast FM: 6205, 7/1, 1845+ Fair signal with pop dance music, but hammered by utility QRM. A few min. later, hit with too much splatter from 6210 to copy anything. ID per the UKDxer blog.

6210, 7/1, 1836+ Golden Earring "Twilight Zone" Started really strong, but soon had deep fades (carrier disappearing). Very wide signal with nice audio. Started coming back well around 1900. Can't remember a couple of the song titles, but I got Phil Collins "Sussudio," Joe Cocker "With a Little Help from My Friends"

6240, 7/1, 1911+ Dance music--older techno. Heard a few of such songs, then Manhattan Transfer "Boy from New York City," The American Breed "Bend Me Shape Me," Lynn Anderson "Rose Garden," The Association "Cherish," Mary Mopkin "Those Were the Days" starting at 2000. No talk heard

Hit Mix Radio: 6257, 7/1, 1932+ Elvis "Blue Suede Shoes" clear ID in Dutch, Beach Boys, "Shake, Rattle, & Roll," Bobby Darin "Queen of the Hop"

Focus International: 6285, 7/1, 1523+ Song, poss by REM, Jesus & the Mary Chain, Guess Who "American Woman" Sharon Tandy "Hold On," Danny & the Juniors "At the Hop," Kim Carnes "Betty Davis Eyes" Male DJ with UK accent announcing phone number & e-mail address, drinking & driving PSA, "Focus International on the 48 meter band," one promo said "DJ Richard Gray" ? Very professional sound, with a selection of oldies mostly not heard on U.S. licensed oldies stations, with most songs from about 1958 to 1970, but some occasional '80s or '90s songs.

6305, 7/1, 1523-1524* Strong carrier but weak modulation.

6320, 7/1, 1913+ By 1928, faded to the point that no audio was audible, but I could still see the carrier

Radio Python: 6375, 7/1, 2030+ Modern rock. Several IDs "and I'm about to sneeze" "6-3-7-5 kilohertz." Perfect signal, Judas Priest "Breakin' the Law," "Fly on the Wings Above"

Blue Panter: 6390, 7/1, 1930+ Carrier with bits of audio. ID per Iann's Chat.