Sunday, July 24, 2016

International shipping costs for Pirate Radio Annual

Sorry, I've been slow with posting info about international shipping. I've been disappointed with the dramatic increase in costs.

My apologies for our postal system, but they keep jacking up our international rates. Now it's up to $15.50 to ship to Canada and $22.50 to send to Europe! I'm charging $14 to Canada & $21 to Europe to try to save everyone a little bit of money.

Also, it's the same price to send 2 copies, so if you have a friend, you could go together, buy a couple of copies and save $7 (in Canada) or $10.50 per copy (in Europe)

It's absurd that it costs more than 5X the price to send a copy to Canada than to Hawaii or Alaska. 

So here are the prices:

One copy to Canada: $16 + 14 = $30

Two copies to Canada: $32 + 14 = $46

One copy to Europe: $16 + 21 = $37

Two copies to Europe: $32 + 21 = $53

You can either send the payment via check or MO to:

Cabinet Communications

POB 109
BRS, PA 17214

or make a PayPal payment to info /@/ hobbybroadcasting dot com (take out the spaces & slashes).


  1. Don't mind waiting via international shipping.
    Good investment.

    Warmest regards,
    IT Manager
    American Classifieds

  2. Would you still have any copies available for purchase?