Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Dutch Medium-Wave Logs via Twente: 12/17/19

1617, 2122-2205* song in English, but I think it's a '70s pop song "Darling I Love You So . . ." Honky-tonk song in Dutch. UKDXer had Radio Marianne here about an hour ago, so maybe it's still that station. Did hear mention of the name, though pronounced like "Mariana"

1670, 2152-2155* Disco, including "The Hustle." Audio fading up and down all over the place. Sounds like the op must be talking over the music, but he doesn't realize his mic isn't working

1640, 2210+ Instrumental polkas. Good signal, but weak mic audio. Sounds like op was either talking about or to (or both) Radio Marianne

Monday, December 16, 2019

Dutch Medium-Wave Logs via Twente: 12/16/19

I have been listening to the radio some, but I haven't been posting here. I've been spending a lot of time trying to restore an antique trunk as a Christmas present. I've been debating posting it here because it's not at all radio related . . . but on the other hand, I it's something different & maybe a few people would find it interesting.

I'm working on it today & am by the computer, so I thought I should take in a few Europirates via the computer and post.

Via Twente, Netherlands web receiver:

1631, 1530 Station on a few minutes earlier with schlager music & talk in Dutch by a male announcer. Not sure if same station or different, but a bit of schlager & talk in Dutch. My guess at the ID is "Bambreaker," but this doesn't match up with anything on the UKDXer station list, so I'm sure that I butchered the ID

1666, 1525-1533* '70s British pop music. Off mid-song. Excellent signal

1644.95, 1539+ Weak signal, man talking in Dutch & schlager music

1656, 1540-1554* Schlager, very strong. Heard the ID a few times and it sure sounds like "Radio Cairo" to me, but again, I'm not finding this ID on the UKDXer station list.

1640-1660v, 1556 Schlager with the signal changing frequency & varying all over the place. Only looked like one sideband of audio was there and couldn't see the carrier, but it sounded OK in AM (so not an SSB transmitter). Maybe it was FMing? Back on at 1601 & I watched the signal go from around 1610 to 1660 kHz, then drop down to roughly 1646 kHz.

1657, 1622-1629* Much older-sounding instrumental schlager, maybe from WWII or earlier? Into pieces of '70s pop and country songs. Didn't hear any talk

1667->1670, 1630-1640* Variety of schlager, cut a few songs mid-song. Sounds like the station that was on 1657 a few minutes earlier. Some talk, but missed it because I was in the kitchen

1630, 1643+ Weak with Booker T & the MGs "Green Onions" (a song I actually know!). Johnny Cash "I Walk Alone" around 1715 UTC

1613.7, 1720+ Weak/fair with '70s (Dutch, I think) pop music. Yodeling schlager song at 1734

R. Nordzee: 1635, *1800-1806* Huge carrier & signal. Male announcer talking over '60s radio production music in Dutch

1670, *1808+ Polka. Male announcer, but I didn't hear anything that sounded like an ID

1615, 1830+ Archies "Sugar, Sugar" Huge signal cut right at 9 kHz wide, a bit distorted, CCR "Green River" (live) & "Proud Mary," 5th Dimension "Age of Aquarius," Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love"