Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Dutch Medium-Wave Logs via Twente: 12/17/19

1617, 2122-2205* song in English, but I think it's a '70s pop song "Darling I Love You So . . ." Honky-tonk song in Dutch. UKDXer had Radio Marianne here about an hour ago, so maybe it's still that station. Did hear mention of the name, though pronounced like "Mariana"

1670, 2152-2155* Disco, including "The Hustle." Audio fading up and down all over the place. Sounds like the op must be talking over the music, but he doesn't realize his mic isn't working

1640, 2210+ Instrumental polkas. Good signal, but weak mic audio. Sounds like op was either talking about or to (or both) Radio Marianne

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