Sunday, August 21, 2016

European Pirates, PRA, and the Global HF Pirate Weekend

I've been working on station lists for the 2017 Pirate Radio Annual (which I hope I can finish in 2017 so that it doesn't become the 2017-18 PRA).

I just finished the stations that I have for Europe thus far, through the first eight months, but there's still more than four months left in the year. As you might know, I tally up the stations that are heard in North America and more than just along the East Coast. So, some of the serious pirate DXers might log stations in New Hampshire or Newfoundland, for example, but I don't include them in the book because listeners in the majority of the country can't hear the stations. But if a pirate is reported somewhere like Chicago, bingo, they're in the book. Also, I've had a few stations in the past who were reported with good signals in, like, 8-10 coastal states. I've been willing to add these because I assume that the signal would make it further inland to a place like Ohio, for example.

That said, here are the stations that I have for the 2017 PRA:

Radio Black Arrow
Blue Dragon AM
Borderhunter Radio
Coast FM/Energy FM
Cupid Radio
IBC Radio
Johnny Tobacco
Mike Radio
Mustang Radio
Sluwe Vos Radio

Technical Man

A few pirates from both sides of the Atlantic wrote to me about the possibility of another Global Pirate Weekend. I asked the organizer of the former weekends, Harri Kujala if he'd consider organizing more weekends so that I could pass along information to interested listeners. I didn't hear back from him (and I hope all is well), so interested stations moved ahead with plans.

I'll post more information on this blog later (maybe later this week), but for now, listeners might want to be by the receivers on November 5-6, 2016.

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