Monday, January 6, 2014

Auds 'n' Ends: 1/6/14

In the past New Year's Eve has been excellent for pirates, but activity really slows down for New Year's Day. That happened again in 2013/2014, but I expected that a lot of stations would crop up for this past weekend--especially because of the big snowstorms that have pounded the Midwest and Northeast over the past few days. As it turned out, very few stations were on; in fact, it was one of the lightest weekends in terms of activity in probably about the past four years. Strange, but the unpredictability of pirate radio does help make it fun.

* Summermeeting is an annual event in Europe for pirate radio enthusiasts. Cool AM created an audio promo for it and posted it here.

* Song about radio of the week (or at least this post): Lana Del Ray "Radio"

* The temperatures are dropping faster than the MUF at sunset. I heard that it's supposed to get so cold that frostbite can occur in less than 10 minutes. After watching the Packers-49ers game last night (real temp. 2 degrees in the 4th quarter), I think football player arms must be immune to frostbite.

* I should have another group of PRAs going out either tomorrow or Wednesday.

* Speaking of the PRA, I just wrote a couple of entries yesterday (during the Packers-49ers game) and two more today for the 2014 edition. Slowly, slowly....

* I've been talking over the past year or so to people about the disappearance of South American pirates in the hobby. I've been planning to write an article to the topic for this PRA. So, I was really surprised to see a mention on HFU about Radio Compañía Worldwide, Chile. I hope this new station will get more people in the region thinking about the possibilities.

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