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Halloween Week 2014 Loggings

Halloween Week 2014 Loggings

I've really been trying to get a lot of work done on the 2014 Pirate Radio Annual over the past two months, so I've fallen behind with things like updating the blog and pirate listening in general. But it's Halloween week, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post loggings and also do some work by the radio. It's been a good evening so far!

The Crystal Ship: 6950.5, 10/27, 0003-0106* Excellent signal here, up around S9+20 and steady. Lots of '60s songs here by Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Amboy Dukes, etc. Some dead air & what sounded like RF feedback squeals. "Even John T. Arthur can't resist listening to The Crystal Ship" promo with lots of sound effects. Off after Juliana Montana ID & QSL promo.

Witch City Radio: 6918.8, 10/27, 0053+ Very nice signal with spooky House of Usher story. I had the e-mail address and Belfast mailing address clearly. Said it was time to pack up the equipment & go for another year. Halloweenish-sounding announcer at end.

Old-Time Radio unid: 3229.6, 10/27, 0106+ Good signal here, but dead air for about the past 20 minutes, so I guess someone needs to check the audio feed.

Undercover Radio: 1720, 10/27, 0130+ Basically a non-log. I have some much noise here above the AM band that I can hear the 1720 carrier and I think I'm getting some bits of Dr. Benway talking (on the R-5000, but not on the R-8). If it was on 1710 kHz, I'd try driving around in the car, but that radio only goes up to 1710 kHz.

Pumpkin Patch Radio: 6930U, 10/27, 0003- Excellent signal. Steve Miller "Abracadabra" & a couple of clear IDs

I listened to the Old-Time Radio unid last night for about an hour, but I missed the other stations


Via Twente webreceiver:

Unid: 6260, 10/31, 1629-1636* VG signal with ‘80s dance music. Off mid song.

Radio Python: 6285, 10/31, 1640-1825*+ Hi to Iann, mentioned Merlin on 6305. Said using an SDR for Windows & the ability to listen to LSB on Left & USB on Right for stereo, The Apples in Stereo “Energy,” Islands “Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone” Death Cab for Cutie “Crooked Teeth” Announcement: “You are tuned to the Shortwave Snake, Radio Python . . . I’ve had enough of it for this week . . . throw this transmitter out the window . . . I’ve had enough of it.” “This is the shortwave snake, Radio Python closing down,73s & bye bye” @QRT

Cool AM/hit mix: 6290, 10/31, 1538+ Focus “Hocus Pocus” live. Shoutout to Franco in north Italy. IDs in Dutch & English.

R. Merlin Int’l:  6305, 10/31, 1545+ Fair/weak with fade outs. Rock music. At 1620+ documentary on ‘80s offshore station Laser 558, then “We Love the Pirate Stations,” IDs, and station Web URLs

Radio Phantom: 6380, 10/31, 1556+ VG signal. Eurythmics “Here Comes the Rain Again” Elvis “Hound Dog” “You Are listening to Radio Phantom, thank you for listening…cd closing down…one record” Mentioned Iann’s chat. Sign off announcements over Frida “There’s Something Going On”

Radio Altrex: 6390, 10/31, 1541+ Talk in Dutch at 1549. Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” Metal song “Hey Stupid” English ID “from the cow studio, Radio Altrex.” Song “It’s My Life” with mooing sound effects overtop

Back at home with my own receivers (primarily the R8, but also the R-5000)

WRCT relay?: 6900, 10/31, 2136-2218* '60s ska music, including King Horror "Loch Ness Monster." Nice S9 signal here & good audio. Now into more alternative, Halloweenish music--one with a more '80s indy rock sound that I think is called "Scary Monster" Off mid-song.

CYOT?: 6953.7, 10/31, 2205+ I'm recording the 6900 station with the R8, so I have the R5000 tuned in here, but this receiver has just a 75' or so random wire .  . . and I'm not hearing much anything, but maybe some carrier here. Here's a log by people who are actually getting some details. After 6900 went off, I switched here with the R8 and am getting audio on a song.

WAHR: 6925U, 11/1, 0316+ Automated Halloween Radio

X-FM: 6940, 11/3, 0214+ The Police "Message in a Bottle" Really nice signal & audio--I need to get an SDR so that I can receive it in stereo! Pro-sounding IDs, as always: "The power of X" Queens of the Stone Age. The theme tonight is vinyl--everything will be vinyl from a Technics turntable (170 records tonight). Hi to jfarley, Thechoat, zane, me, Oly1959 etc.

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