Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 11/21-11/24/14

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 11/21-11/24/14

I need to get back to work on the Pirate Radio Annual, but there's been so much activity--and I've been home and able to hear some of it, so I'm posting my loggings:

unid: 6884, 11/22, 1939-1956+ Was looping a small section of a couple of Beatles songs. At 1954, the looping stopped & The Zombies "She's Not There" came on. Now playing CCR "Heard It Thru the Grapevine" I stopped recording this one & moved up to WJFK. After WJFK signed off, I came back down here, but it was gone.

WJFK: 6949.2, 11/23, 1956-2006* Pretty good with strong audio. '60 pop "Sonny," etc., all of which had a connection to the assassination of JFK. Heard it from this point until the sign off, after a few IDs, with an "old radio recording" type of sound. Thanks for the show & the QSLs from years past!

unid: 6880, 11/22, 2029-2046* Huge signal here & excellent audio with Climax Blues Band "Couldn't Get It Right" & more '70s pop & disco.

 WJFK: 6949.2, 11/23, 2112-2114* Just caught part of the last song and the IDs. Strapping signal

Renegade Radio: 6925U, 11/23, 0001- Excellent signal that's being heard all over North America tonight. It seems that the op is going for more '80s rock than heavy metal tonight: Phil Collins, Journey, etc. Talking about the crazy lake effect snowstorm in Buffalo, then "Riding the Storm Out" for the people in Buffalo. Rolling Stones "Angie." Talked about how the conditions seemed good for anyone to follow up with a broadcast, but that he would sign off shortly. Goodbyes to all, then The Police "King of Pain"--frequency started fluctuating a bit near the end of the song.

X-FM: 6955, 11/23, 0042- Another excellent signal. Think I heard the end of the sign on audio, with a lot of free radio-related audio clips, then into music. Playing Led Zeppelin "Kashmir," The Mind Flowers etc., by request

Orbital Mind-Control Satellite: 6925U, 11/23, 0123+ talking about the Crab Nebulae & when you hear the signal "you'll know what to do." Only about 200 Hz from Liquid Radio, so this is a real mess. I have a bad hetrodyne here and during music, I can't tell if I'm hearing audio from Liquid Radio or OMCS. I'm thinking it's audio from Liquid Radio because I just heard an LR ID.

Liquid Radio: 6925, 11/23, 0130+ Messy for a while, between having OMCS 200 Hz lower and also LSB pescadores there, too. Aldo Nova "Fantasy," which is much different than the typical LR techno music

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