Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 1/24-1/26/15

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 1/24-1/26/15

Just bought a Winradio G31DDCC and finally got the software to work on my computer. Right now, the noise levels are high & it's less sensitive than my Realistic DX-300, so I think I need to play more with the settings and also get a BNC to PL-259 connector to see if that solves the problem. As a result, these logs are all with the Drake R8:

Boombox Radio: 6925, 1/24, 1408-1412 Heard the last few minutes with some music and fading.

unid: 6975, 1/24, *1440+ After reconnecting the antenna to the R8, I found a dead carrier on 6975 kHz. Who needs an SDR to catch broadcasts at sign on? Wide audio & strong carrier with Steve Miller "Abracadabra," Pat Benetar "A Little Too Late," etc.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 1/24, 1408 Noted in passing on my way to hear Boombox

WMID (tent.): 6950.8, 1/24, 2329+ ID per HFU. Poor signal here with just hints of audio. I'll have to check my recording to see if any IDs were audible.

Wolverine Radio: 6950U, 1/25, 0115+ All big band music so far. Much weaker signal than usual her. Getting more contemporary with The Doors "Soul Kitchen" and Cream "White Room" When it fades up, the signal is pretty good on the Twente receiver. Given the nice signals, listeners from Europe might want to tune in (if anyone is still awake)

Log via Twente online receiver

Barracuda: 5880U, 1/25, 1600+ Kool & the Gang "Celebration." One simple ID "Barracuda" by male announcer. Good signal, but then again, I think this is a Dutch station. Now a Dutch ballad. Some talk in presumed Dutch over music, but it sounded more like open-mic background talk than an announcement. "My Way" & "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" A heterodyne started on the freq around 1615. Dutch cover of "Angel in the Morning"

Baltic Sea Radio: 6995L, 1/25, 1632 Nice ID with e-mail address over sea gulls & off. This is one station that I've been trying without success to hear via my own receiver. A lot of DXers in North America have heard it, but it's like there's a dead zone to my receiver.

Radio Baken 16: 6385, 1/25, 1650-1704* Production music (maybe station theme music?) a few times. Excellent signal, but it dropped off for every ID. "This station is now signing off" with an electronic voice at the end

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