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Easter Weekend Loggings: 4/5/15-4/6/15

Easter Weekend Loggings: 4/5/15-4/6/15

Everyone right now seems to be hearing Radio Free Whatever with a huge signal, but I'm struggling with a massive noise environment to pick out any details.

This is just slightly better than trying to listen inside a mall

Radio Free Whatever: 6950U, 4/5, 0130+ Most of the time, I have a high-pitched roar and can occasionally get a few fadeups and pick out a word or so. BUT I actually do have a couple of real details: I heard Dick Weed and Stavin with shoutouts, including one to a listener in Albuquerque (I think they said that listener is using an SDR?) and I heard the chorus of "Take the Skinheads Bowling" by Camper van Beethoven.

Wolverine Radio: 6940U, 4/5, 0148+ I tuned in to Wolverine Radio, as per the ID on HF Underground, accidentally jostled the computer, and bumped the USB cable, which shutdown my Winradio software.  I've now clicked to start it three separate times and I've had a fatal exception error and other times that the software is coming up, but not running. Why did I bring a radio that depends on the reliability of my computer to function? Oh and the signal here was a bit more above the noise
I tried to hear Sluwe Vos this morning for a long broadcast that he was making on 21460 kHz, but the noise was awful. Not sure if everyone in the few houses in the area has a couple of neon signs in the basement, head demagetizers running, and dishwashers on, but this is a mess. I gave up and think I'll try tuning a few stations in on the Twente web receiver instead.

Loggings via the Twente web receiver, except as noted:

Focus International: 6285, 4/5, 1545+ A lot of '70s hard rock. Announced e-mail address. Newer more metal cover of "Carry on My Wayward Son"

Radio Merlin International: 6305, 4/5, 1552+ "Funky Town"

Reflections Europe: 6295, 4/5, 1600+ Weak signal with some fair peaks. American Christian programming. Show ended with contact information & a zip of either "90016" or "50016" I think an ID came next because I heard "6295" Next show was from Jeffersonville, IN. Seems to be fading in.

6243, 4/5, 1603+ Light pop music

Laser Hot Hits: 4026, 4/5, 2152+ Announcer reading comments from various listeners, gave out e-mail address, and said that the live programs would continue to 0300. Song from 1987. Nice signal in Twente, with a little noise

Mustang Radio: 6320, 4/5, 2158+ Pop music in noise, ID per Iann's chat. At 2220, I'm hearing it at almost identical strength on my receiver as on Twente. Op saying good morning to me at 2224. Thanks!

Radio Barones: 1614, 4/5, 2201+ Dutch talk, phone number in Dutch, then phone number in English and ID "Radio Baro" Extremely strong. Also heard a female announcer.

Radio BarraQuda: 5800U, 4/5, 2234+ Can hear this one on my home receiver, but much better on the Twente receiver. Light pop "Just the Two of Us." Some raspy noise here.

Loggings back at the home shack:

Captain Morgan SW: 6950, 4/5, 2340-2351* Blues and early rock with a good signal. IDs and some sound effects, then off.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 4/5, 2353+ If I heard the ending program ID correctly, this was the Goon Show. If so, interesting that this station is airing some British OTR, too. Next, a fairly long NBC news update: update of WWII news, such as the Normandy invasion, and news about the invasion of Italy. Amos & Andy show next.

Unid: 6955U, 4/6, 0006+ Excellent signal here when the station's on the air. Only stays on 15-30 seconds at a time. Seems to be a different song each time. Human League "Don't U Want Me, Baby?" Salt'n'Pepa "Push It," Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen "We Are the Champions," Queen "Another One Bites the Dust," Queen "Fat Bottomed Girls," Eagles "Witchy Woman," etc.

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