Saturday, November 4, 2017

Late Saturday Update

I had to be away today from about 1700 to 0400 UTC (!), so I missed an awful lot of activity. Worse yet, I stopped at three different places that were supposed to have open wi-fi so that I could at least update the blog with things that others were hearing, but none of the wi-fis were working. Also, I took along my Degen 1103, but I only heard one station . . . and barely. Here's my logging:

Wolverine Radio (tentative): 6940U, 11/5, 2130 Music. 

How's that for a logging? If the Wolverine Radio is too weak for me, then maybe it's time for a more sensitive receiver! It really makes me wonder if something is seriously wrong with the sensitivity. Anyway, Wolverine was reported in England and on the continent. Channel Z was also testing on 6300 kHz around the same time. Wonder if anyone in Europe heard it because it looks like it should have made the trip.

Speaking of making the trip, Johnny Tobacco, Enterprise Radio, Laser Hot Hits, and Radio Mexico were all reported. Also, from South America, Lupo Radio, Radio Compania Worldwide, and Radio Pirana International were all logged in the U.S. Great stuff!

Here's a tip that's still active. I've been avoiding listing station names for stations, but this one's posted on HF Underground, which reaches a lot of people. Jorge Garcia of Radio Pirana International says:

We are on all night on 6930 kHz from S.America up to 12 UTC  and on 6390kHz from Europe on 6390 kHz up to 9 UTC

Both transmitters are on now.


  1. I got a tentative logging of Channel Z on 6300 at 2125 last night on SDR in SW England. Weak signal. Also heard Wolverine Radio with an amazing signal around same time - some DXers in Europe thought it might have been relayed in Europe, the signal was that good!

    48 metres extremely busy this morning in Europe with many stations on air.

    Good to hear some of the Euro pirates making it across to North America.

  2. Hi UKDXER, thanks for the info! Great to find out that you heard some stations from over here!