Wednesday, April 17, 2019

TSM & a "Mystery" Track

Lost in all of the packing & shipping of PRAs is the fact that I wanted to mention that I received the latest issue of The Spectrum Monitor. It's been a while since I've included it here . . . and I definitely need to. If you haven't seen TSM, it's essentially a continuation of Monitoring Times, except in PDF-only format. I think the fact that it's not on bookstore shelves and not passed among friends limits its new audience potential. To me, at least, it seems to be more a magazine for "those in the know." If you liked MT in the past, you're sure to enjoy TSM. You can check it out the wesbite here.

The 2017-18 Pirate Radio Annual has 86 tracks listed in the book, but 87 on the CD. Those 86 tracks in the listing are correct, but the last track (#87) is not listed. Track #87 is The Relay Station and I recorded it on October 1, 2016, on 5150 kHz at 2101 UTC. TRS doesn't often ID, so I was happy to catch this.

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