Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter loggings: 4/19-4/21/14

I drove about 500 miles over the past few days, so I haven't been around the radio much. But, I've been around the radio a bit tonight.

I came in from digging a garden out of a shale bed and checked the radio at about 2200 UTC and checked the European bands. I had just had really weak carriers. But when I came back a couple of hours later and I had a few nice signals.

Radio Star International (UK): 6219.3, 4/19, 0014+ Not bad, but I wasn't getting too many details through the speaker. I think I'll need to check this on headphones to hear what it sounds like. Radio Star International is fun station to tune in. I heard it a few years ago on Easter via a European web radio and this is one of the few stations that I've heard over the past decade or so that uses DJs in shifts. It was a really entertaining show.

Radio Marabu (Germany): 6239, 4/19, 0116+ A really nice signal for a European pirate. An oldies show this time, with '60s music, although I didn't know any of the songs. I think this will be on for a number of hours, so I wonder if it'll fade back in overnight toward morning.

Radio Free Whatever: 6930U, 4/19, '40s jazz with Dick Weed and Steven. Awesome signal! Caught it just a bit before QRT.

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