Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pirate logs: 4/6/14

Pirate logs: 4/6/14 (local time)

? 6295, 4/7, 0038+I first assumed this was Reflections Europe, although it's running past its normal time, if it is it. I'm hearing a Christian radio preacher on the frequency. Reflections Europe broadcasts from Europe with a paid lineup of preachers every Sunday on 6295 kHz. I'm hearing both the preaching and some rock music on the R8. On the R-5000, I'm hearing both as well. Wow, the signal's now up to S9. Because I'm hearing them on both radios, I'm assuming it's not images, but maybe spurs? Or maybe it *is* Reflections Europe and some spur of another station? Reflections Europe's website is here. Transmitter(s) went off at 0100 UTC, so maybe it really was Reflections Europe. If so, it was the best signal by far that I've heard from the station.

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