Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Non-logs: 6/3/14

Non-logs: 6/3/14

The biggest non-log is that the Old-Time Radio Unid went off 6771.4 sometime last night and hasn't returned. To the best of my knowledge, this station's first broadcast was on May 18 on 6772.6 kHz. It was spotty for a few days, then returned essentially 24 hours/day for about 10 days. I listened to it a few different times yesterday, but checked around 0200 last night & it was gone. Hope all's OK with the station.

The second non-log is outbander SSTV on 27700 kHz. I went for about a month without copying any images there.yesterday, a bunch of strong signals came through, but all had the timing messed up and were just colorful splash of slashed lines. Maybe we'll have another good opening soon.

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