Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Pirate Radio Logs: 6/29-6/30/14

Weekend Pirate Radio Logs: 6/29-6/30/14

Radio True North: 6940, 6/30, 0430+ Not a lot of audio making it, but pretty good carrier level. Music, but I can't yet hear it well enough to ID songs or entirely ID the genre. My guess is Radio True North, but I guess we'll see what other people log. As of the past 10 min or so, there aren't any logs for this one on HFU. ID break, but couldn't catch it. <Sun Morn> This was RTN, per a couple of West Coast logs on the FRN

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 6/30, 0430+ Tough-guy detective show. Excellent signal, either some QRM in the background or weird audio artifacts in the background. Show taking place in Shanghai. Minor playback glitches throughout the broadcast, about every 5-10 seconds. <1130 UTC> Good signal, with what sounds like a detective or mystery OTR show. Really high static levels right now, though.

I missed some good stuff last night, including  Generation Wild 100, YHWH, MAC, Man Cave Radio, & Liquid Radio.

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