Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Loggings: 8/5-8/8/14

I haven't had time to update some loggings on here. Also, I've planned for about the past week to write an Auds'n'Ends about the end of the Old-Time Radio unid. This station came on the air around May 18 and was on nearly continuously until into July, then it signed off . . . and it looked like that might be it. But it's back:

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 8/5, 2257+ Excellent signal with old-time radio shows. 0200-0300: Abbott & Costello Show with atomic bomb skits and Mel Blanc Show with Mel finally getting engaged to Betty, but  sorta gets engaged to someone else, too.

MAC: 6950.3, 8/5, ca.0140 Excellent signal with the James Stewart show. Talking about the Jimmy Stewart marathon that I think's going to be on AMC. Big band music. Talk about how the show was done on the fly, with no pre-planning.

XLR8: 6925U, 8/5, 0140+ I was checking on this one with the backup receiver and antenna. Signal was fairly weak--especially on this receiver/antenna combo. Think it mostly sounded like country music

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 8/7, 0000+ Excellent signal with Amos'n'Andy program. Andy wants to propose to Gertrude. Evidently, this episode is called "Marriage Proposal Mixup" and was originally aired on November 17, 1944.

Rave On Radio: 6925U, 8/7, ca.0210-0220* Jerry Garcia birthday show, with appropriate music. Near the end, the ROR announcer said that he was going to sign off and burn off the last of the gas from the generator. Jerry Garcia SSTV at the end of the show. Good signal--one of the best I've had from ROR.

Generation Wild 100: 6950U, 8/7, ca.0210 Huge signal noted in passing on my way to record ROR. Moody Blues song--I didn't write down which one, but I think it was "Gemeni Dream." Regardless, it was one from the late era. GW100's SSB audio sounds as nice as Wolverine Radio and X-FM (when they were doing USB and not C-Quam stereo).

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 8/8, 2115+ VG signal with an "Our Miss Brooks" episode. I think Miss Brooks was auctioning off something

Nonpirate logs

MARS net: 6833.5U, 8/7, 0020+ Talking about weather and golfing

Trenton Military (VOLMET): 6754U, 8/7, 0022+ Clear IDs & timecheck at 0025. Lots of aeronautic weather for places in Canada

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