Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Loggings: 8/31-9/2/14

Labor Day Weekend Loggings: 8/31-9/2/14

I've missed out on most of the activity this weekend, although there's been a lot. Just checked the radio & have been listening to the Old-Time Radio unid. It's been in the 3300-3500 kHz area the past week or so, but it's back to the nominal 6770.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 8/31, 1630+ Good signal here. Caught the end of the Adventures of Phillip Marlowe, then a brief "only you can stop forest fires" PSA, into CBS Radio IDs. Then an NBC Radio ID and into Richard Diamond, Private Detective show. Both of these shows are from the late '40s. The Adventures of Philip Marlowe has some great, cheesy lines in it.

YHWH: 9605, 9/1, 0400+ Saw that this one was logged by Kilokat7 on HFU, so I tuned in. Could only copy about 20% (maybe) of the voice, but did hear "Yahweh." Checked  one of my good recordings of the station from 21 MHz and the announcer's voice does sound the same. I think it's great how this station operates right in a number of different SWBC bands.

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