Monday, September 22, 2014

11m Outbander SSTV Images: 9/22/14

11m Outbander SSTV Images: 9/22/14

Great day for sitting the radio on 27700 kHz, lots of activity. Conditions seem all or nothing right now, but it's really encouraging that Chris Smolinski's been receiving UK CBers and Irish church broadcasts (I've been looking forward to hearing the latter for a few years). Anyway, here are some images from today:

13CB9SU seems to be regular here when the conditions are working

Another one from 13CB9SU

Not sure about the callsign, but it looks like 14BJ? At least I know it's from center-west France
Another one from Jean Claude

14??38? from France

I think the top one is the cab of an 18 wheeler and the bottom is a train?

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