Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 12/14-12/16/14

I'm getting really close to starting to lay out the 2014 Pirate Radio Annual, but I'll start adding in a few logs:

WHYP: 6880, 12/14, 0034+ James Brownyard belting out his biggest hits, such as "Niel Wolfish Got Runover by George Zeller, etc. Some announcements & bits by Maharishi Hashishi from Radio Free Euphoria. A few other songs from the 2001 WHYP punk Christmas special, such as Fear "F*** Christmas," etc. "Yah, yah" song by the original JB & off with George Zeller saying it's the worst thing hie's heard on shortwave. Excellent signal & audio.

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