Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekend Pirate Radio Loggings: 12/5-12/8/14

Weekend Pirate Radio Loggings: 12/5-12/8/14

I figured that I should start posting some of what I've been hearing. As always, I'll be updating this page through the weekend:

XLR8: 6925U, 12/6, 2310-2311* Just caught part of a song and a kind of whispery X-L-R-8 ID at the end. Fair/good in pescadore QRM

Radio Free Whatever: 6876, 12/6, 2219+ "Time Warp" show, with program from December 7, 1941, for the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. Not many people are still alive who can remember that day. Dick Weed & Stavin on at the end with e-mail address and IDs. Good signal & nice to hear the rebroadcast.

Pesky Party Radio: 6950L, 12/7, 0202+ Tuning in to song that I think might be Santana. Nice signal here. My 1st time to hear this one. Now a Spanish cover of "Hotel California" with flamenco-style guitar.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 12/7, 2350+ Comedy program. Nice signal. I need a better antenna on my backup receiver because I'm listening to Radio Casablanca on the Drake with the inverted V, which works much better than the short random-wire antenna that I have on the R-5000 right now.

Radio Casablanca: 6940, 12/7, 2351-0102* Cut in the middle of '30s or '40s music to original newsflash about the attack on Pearl Harbor. FDR Pearl Harbor speech. Really nice tribut. Some of the later songs have included "Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition" and "Remember Pearl Harbor." Some QRM, presumably from pescadores whistling and talking way down underneath the signal."Dancing Cheek to Cheek" Last song before the French national anthem is Vera Lynn "We'll Meet Again," which gives me chills when I think about how powerful it must've been for those listening during WWII

Free Thinker Radio: 6925U, 12/8, 0212-0235* Pink Floyd "Interstellar Overdrive" Pretty good signal. My 1st time for FTR. Hard copy copy a lot of the talk, but I've heard a number of clear IDs. Seems to be off now at 0235 UTC


Radio Black Arrow: 21491, 12/6, 1603+ Quick test here with a song or two and shoutouts to Chris Smolinski & I. Not a great signal, but I could hear that much of the announcements, which is better than I could do earlier with Sluwe Vos Radio and Radio Baltic Sea.

Premier Radio: 6942, 12/6, 2045+ Good carrier with occasional audio peaks. Too much noise and a bit too early, I think. Running a relay of Christmas FM, a station from Dublin that's licensed to broadcast for 30 days

Cupid Radio: 6304.9, 12/6, 2336+ Pretty good signal, song by the Foo Fighters, shoutout to me

Radio Marabu: 6239.3, 12/7, 0050+ Signal's getting much better with new wavish pop. Much less noise with the synch detector on, but there's a het on frequency and the synch detector is having trouble locking. The result is two hets going up & down in frequency, sometimes both coming down, meeting, crossing over, etc. Annoying.

Laser Hot Hits via Magic: 15700, 12/7, 1600+ I've been listening to this and have mostly just had a carrier and no audio, but over the past minute or so, I'm getting audio of pop music with a female singer. ID per HFU, but given the few SW stations playing pop or rock music these days, I'd be surprised if it was anything but a pirate. It'd be interesting if LHH would go 24/7 on 19 meters--it'd be audible in North America at some point every day!

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