Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Spectrum Monitor: October Issue

I've had a few things to write about recently, but I haven't gotten around to putting fingers to keyboard. And today, the October issue of The Spectrum Monitor arrived in my in-box, so I think it's worth mentioning a few bits of the content.

For anyone who doesn't know about The Spectrum Monitor, it's essentially the successor to Monitoring Times, but only in PDF format. The October issue contains 87 pages in an 8.5"-x-11" format. Some of the articles in this issue include Norden clandestine programming from World War II, stealth antennas, a tour of radio & TV stations in the West, a look at the Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500 (with restoration tips), marine radio technology,  longwave radio, a look at the Sun’s chromosphere, building the Ramsey Part-15 AM transmitter (+ a listing of other available AM low-power transmitters), amateur radio on 60 meters, SW utility loggings, easy digital-mode catches, and my 3X/year pirate radio column (including bits on Kort Maar Krachtig, Halloween pirate DXing, Northwoods Radio, Burn It Down Radio, Amphetamine Radio, Pirate Radio BBC, Cold Country Canada, and a recent unid on 18145 kHz USB).

And I've been listening to the OTR station while typing this:

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 9/29, 2245+ Red Skelton show and ads for Avalon cigarettes. Skit with Caesar, Octavius, etc. It definitely sounded like it was recorded live because there were a few mistakes throughout the show. Red Foley and the Avalon Chorus.

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