Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Spectrum Monitor: September issue

It's been far too long since I've adding anything to the blog. But, a connector broke on the riding mower and it won't start. So, I've been mowing acres of land with the pushmower . . . that is until the bolts of the handle pulled completely through the mower deck. So, I'm left with more energy than mowing ability and it seems like a good night to type in here.

I just received my September issue of The Spectrum Monitor. Lots of monitor- and DXer-related material for the radio hobbyist.

The first shortwave station that I received a QSL from in 1981 was AFRTS . . . and the lead feature in this month's TSM is on AFN. Nice to see a feature on a historic operation that's still around. Speaking of whether stations have closed or not, Jeff White's "World of Shortwave" column is about the last days of International Radio Serbia, which closed on July 30. Jeff also describes the current no-win stand-off between DRM transmitter and receiver manufacturers. Fred Waterer spends a few pages on shortwave programming, including Radio Tirana, Deutsche Welle, Radio Austria International, CKZN, Radio Havana Cuba, and broadcasts to Africa. Something a bit different that interests me nonetheless is an article on the restoration of the Heathkit AA-151 audio amplifier. There are also articles on amateur radio satellites, the history of WOWO, building a roof-mounted loop antenna, longwave radio, and much more.

A subscription to The Spectrum Monitor is $24/year, which works out to about $2/issue for a wealth of timely shortwave radio information.

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