Monday, November 2, 2015

Pirate Logs + Europirate Logs via Twente: 11/2-11/3/15

Not much to report locally because conditions weren't too great, but I also logged a few stations via the Twente web receiver, so altogether, I have a bit to report.

unid: 6945, 11/3, 0030-0032* Faint signal with light music. I don't think it was a Europirate, but it had that sort of trans-continental sound to it. I don't think it was a pescador because the signal was in AM.

The Crystal Ship: 6850.5, 11/3, 0035+ Another faint signal tonight. I recorded it, but for the time that I was listening, I could hear but not copy most of the audio.

A few logs via the Twente web receiver:
Unid: 1640, 11/2, 1930+ Dutch light pop and schlager. One song sounded like the Dutch equivalent of Roger Whittaker. “The Green, Green Grass of Home” This type of music for about 30 min., then Toto “Africa,” older yodeling song. Male DJ talking a lot at 2000 UTC, but I can’t understand it. ID sounded kind of like “Radio Pironia” Gave out a phone number

6290, 11/2, 1534+ Commercial radio or TV ad, announcement for Annie Schilder, I think, so I guess the next song was her singing in a country duet. A few more light pop duets. Sounds like these are all segments of Annie Schilder/BZN songs clipped from German or Dutch commercial stations. Maybe something to entertain Dr. Tim this morning?

Unid: 6395, 11/2, 1618-1644* Good signal, Dutch country, polkas, a techno dance song. 20+ min, no IDs


  1. I see you've started doing Black text on very dark Gray background. Can't read.

  2. Whoops, that wasn't intentional. Thanks for the note because I didn't know it looked like this. I typed some of the logs into a Word page, then block copied them into and out of an e-mail. I guess it added extra formatting that wasn't visible when I was editing the file. Hope it's easier to read now!

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