Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 11/6-11/8/15

Last night, I was out to see a football game--the real football night in America, high school football on a Friday night. That ate up almost the entire evening, but I did manage to hear one of the first broadcasts from WJD. It's interesting that the broadcast that I heard wasn't logged on HF Underground. That must be about one of about 1% of the pirate shows that's not logged there. I need to start posting more of my loggings there, but I've been trying to keep my head above water with the projects that I'm working on. Speaking of which, I've now finished the Philco 87 cabinet and I'm just waiting for some grille cloth to arrive so that I can put some of it back together.

WJD: 6940U, 11/6, [need to check the time] Recent rap/hip hop music with overdriven audio. At end, two female computer-voice IDs. Excellent signal.

Rave on Radio: 6925U, 11/7, 2256+ Playing a lot of music by the Grateful Dead, including "Truckin'." A few clear IDs.

BBC Pirate Radio: 6850, 11/7, 2310+ Huge signal with BBC relay, clear in-program BBC IDs. Too much going on for me to catch everything.

WJD: 6919, 11/7, 2310+ Dance music, then apparent old-time radio show or clip with mention of Orson Wells. According to Skipmunk on HFU, this is WJD

unid: 6880, 11/7, 2310+ Can hear some music here, but this one's a bit weaker than 6919, so I set the recorder running there instead. After I got the ID on WJD, I tuned back to this one, and it was gone. After seeing that WMID was active on 6880 on 11/8, I wonder if this was WMID?

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 11/8, 2238+ Excellent signal with Tales of the Texas Rangers "Blood Harvest" episode from January 21, 1951

Captain Morgan: 6925, 11/8, 2310-2311* Caught the end of the show with an older-style Captain Morgan "Pirate Zone" recorded ID & "Twilight Zone" theme. Excellent signal. Nice to hear CM again!

Europirate Loggings via Twente

?: 1636, 11/7, 2015+ Huge signal with lots of old country music + a '60s ska song, Eagles "Hotel California,"  and some schlager. After a long set of music, surprised to hear a woman announcer with a lot of echo on her voice. I've heard about a few female Dutch MW pirates, but this is the first one that I've heard. Very wide signal, probably at least 15 kHz wide.

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