Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday pirate loggings: 12/1-2/15

I've heard a decent number of stations recently, but just haven't had the time to post lately. But today's been really active, so it's time to start. What a Tuesday night!

THX1138: 6925, 12/1, Beautiful signal with a variety of mostly '70s rock: Heart "Barracuda,"a remix of AC/DC "Back in Black," Don McClean "American Pie." Nice IDs, announced 25W @QRT. That's a great-sounding 25 watts!

Liquid Radio: 6925.1, 12/1, Pretty good signal with dance music, but absolutely hammered by pescadors

Timberwolf Radio: 6940U, 12/2, 0004+ Bluegrass, country, & maybe rockabilly songs? Heard an announcement a few minutes ago, but could only make out a few words. Weak but improving. Wolf howling at end of show was much stronger than anything else

The Crystal Ship: 3431, 12/1, 2355+ Fair/weak, wanted to hang here longer, but I bounced up to listen to Timberwolf Radio

Unid: 6925U, 12/2, 0055* Gobbling Turkey sound effects repeated a few times, like an interval signal. Thought a late Thanksgiving show might be coming on, but nothing else materialized. VG signal, though

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