Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve/Day 12/31/15-1/1/16

Happy New Year!

Advice: Stay off the roads & away from the drunk drivers; hang by the radio instead.

Cold Country Canada: 6969L, 12/31, 1939+ Allman Bros "Ramblin' Man," the entire Rush song "2112" (which I haven't heard too many times on the radio), DJ making lots of comments over the song & he seems to be having a good time. Into Rush "Hemispheres," which I'm not sure that I've heard on the radio.

WBOG: 6950, 12/31, 2115+ Tuned into hear tones & ID. New wavish/punkish song, into bluegrassy song about a wide variety of substance abuse ("We Love Beer"). Good signal with occasional light RTTY QRM. Rockabilly song. Nice to hear WBOG again; I think it's been a year or two since I've heard it, Flintstones Busch Beer ad

Radio Azteca: 6900, 12/31, 2212+ Old program from about 25 years ago with Mail Scrotum program with letters from Chris Cuomo, Don Spooner, Mike LeClerc, Ken Vicci, John Fischer, Alex Vranes, and much more. Good signal with some fades. Bullwinkle between segment music. Bunji Condoms ad, Cantilevel Bras ad. "Your station for all that is gross, but tasteful." IDs, Wellsville address in Spanish

6925.2, 12/31, 2320+ Dance song, fair signal. Maybe Liquid Radio?

Wolverine Radio: 6940U, 1/1, 0115+ IDs around 0115 and at 0134. A variety of music, including "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Fair signal, but copy is tough because the signal is so watery. Sounds about like it's under water

WDDR: 3440U, 1/1, 0228+ Nice signal: Blondie. Shoutouts to everyone with DJ singing IDs, "We're here to please," Red Ryder song

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