Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Loggings: 12/24-25/15

I'll be doing lots of things with family over the next few days, so I probably won't hear or log much here. But I'm hearing a few stations this morning, so they're worth logging on here.

Cold Country Canada: 6969L?, 12/24, 1405+ The last I'd checked HFU, I didn't see any loggings, I did a couple of things outside, then tuned the dial. I could hear something that sounded like SSB around 6968. I tuned across a few times in USB & LSB and couldn't tune it in. Then I checked HFU & it's evidently CCC. Maybe I need to get my SSB ears checked? After the fade out of PRB, I checked back to 6969L and could clearly hear SSTV data--it was strong enough to trigger a decode in MMSSTV, but not clear enough for me to decypher what it was. BTW, the problem with my decoding CCC's signal seems to be because of a local bit of noise on the frequency (6969.5).

Pirate Radio Boston: 6976, 12/26, 1409-1415+ "Let It Snow" and then it mostly faded out.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 12/24, 1420+ Hallmark cards ad, into Nightbeat with Randy Stone. NBC promo for Duffy's Tavern.

Cold Country Canada: 6969L, 12/24, 2031-2040* TRex "Bang a Gong" Animals "House of the Rising Sun," Pretenders "Brass in Pocket," clear IDs by woman. Fair signal in computer noise. Off mid-song

unid: 7590, 12/24, 1800+ I've had a decent carrier here for a while. Starting to get some tiny bits of audio here. My guess is that it's THX 1138 running extremely low power, but I really don't know

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