Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Halloween Weekend Logs

Unid relay station: 5150, 10/30, 1920+ Excellent signal. Had this recording for a while. I haven't checked the recording, but according to HFU, it included a relay of Radio Merlin Int'l

Witch City Radio: 6925, 10/30, 2056+ Nice signal with Alice Cooper "Welcome to My Nightmare"

Captain Morgan SW: 6924, 10/30, 2229-2235* Strong signal, but distorted audio. Spooky story, then instrumental dance song with chainsaw sound effects. No IDs heard, but ID per HFU logs 

OTR unid: 6770, 10/30, 2225+ Heard part of a comedy monologue with audience laughter from what was probably at the beginning of a variety show. Fair/weak signal. Nice to hear the OTR unid again

Rave On Radio: 6935U, 10/30, 2345+ Good signal (one of the best I've had from ROR) with "Return of the Living Dead" clips interspersed with Grateful Dead songs. Good idea for Halloween. Shoutouts to a bunch of listeners on HFU. At QRT, said was about to let the generator run out of gas, pull down the antennas, & get out of his studio in the woods.

non-pirate log
6968.5U, 10/30, 2255+ MARS net. 4LP, RD, KY, 4KJ etc. trying to do a net, but lots of utility QRM

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