Saturday, October 1, 2016

Weekend Loggings 10/1-10/3/2016

It's gotten cold and rainy, the days are suddenly short. Guess it's time to be at the radio.

Radio Azteca: 6925, 10/1, 2050+ Nice signal with an old program from Bram Stoker. Good stuff. I listened to this while trying to clean up the disaster that is my radio room. I wound up assessing some things that I need to do rather than making any real progress, but at least the Azteca show was fun.

Unid relay station: 5150, 10/1, 2050+ Relaying Radio Azteca in // with the 6925-kHz transmitter, then switched to music for a while. Later on, it seemed to be playing audio from the old horror movie The Manipulator, with Mickey Rooney as a crazed kidnapping director. Seemed to go off a little after 2300. But it's back with Radio Illuminati relay: Night Ranger "When You Close Your Eyes" and '70s pop music

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