Saturday, November 5, 2016

Global HF Logs: 11/5/16

2306 UTC: Just in from mortaring stone. That bag lasted forever. As of now, the only station that I have info on for tomorrow's broadcasts is the 11401-kHz station, but if today is any indication, more stations should show up.

1934 UTC: Just received some loggings from Zacharias Liangas in Thessolonika, Greece. He didn't have a lot of luck listening, but he did hear Cupid Radio with a good signal. He said "I think it could be better for the next time (or session) to ask all of these pirates to provide their listing in advance for at least 1-2 days so anyone can program his family schedule and get better isolated." I understand and it would be much easier this way. However, all I can do is let people know that I can publicize any stations that choose to broadcast during this time. Whether anyone decides to listen (or broadcast) is their decision. 

1903 UTC: Be on the lookout for 11401 kHz. I received an e-mail that a station is on there now and also tomorrow morning.

1813 UTC: The weather's so nice outside that I've been trying to mortar stone on the foundation of the house. I'm about done with this bag & then I'll check through the bands again and post an update. I've hoped that some North American stations would be testing for long distances on the high frequencies today, but nothing so far.

1623 UTC: I tuned away from Cupid too quickly. Some really nice peaks here now. The op posted on HFU that he has a bad RFI coil in his antenna mast & he climbed the tower during the broadcast to check it. Now that's hobby radio :o)

1539 UTC: Awesome! I see that Daniel Wyllyans in Brazil heard Sluwe Vos Radio on 15890 kHz at 1528 UTC.

1533 UTC: Mike Radio is being logged by Joe Filipkowski, Flexoman, and Chris Smolinski (and by me, too, see log below) on 13895 kHz USB. That's four different states, not bad.

1525 UTC: A decent carrier (but no audio) cropped up on 21470 kHz. According to, this is BBC via Ascension Island, not a pirate. The signal quality here is very similar to that of a pirate, so be aware.

1520 UTC: I still have the carrier for Cupid, so keep checking 15070; it might fade into your area. I have a carrier on about 15049 kHz, but this might just be a utility

1515 UTC: Cupid Radio has completely faded out here, but I see that the station was reported by Hiroyuki Okamura in Japan on 21460 kHz earlier this morning. Congratulations to both!

1509 UTC: The signal from Cupid is getting worse, not better. Wonder if 13m will be better this afternoon?

1500 UTC: I had all of my times off by an hour. Would've been perfect if the time had changed last weekend. I fixed'em all now

1451 UTC: See Cupid Radio logging below

1442 UTC: I'm away from the receiver at the moment, but I see that Cupid Radio is being logged in New York and the Ukraine on 15070 kHz.

1420 UTC: I just received a message to check 15890 kHz for a European station. I have a carrier on the Twente receiver, but nothing on my own. Maybe someone can hear this in another part of the world?

1315 UTC: I'm not sure if it's our electric baseboard heat or what, but I'm getting S7 noise on 43m (!)

1300 UTC:

13m: On the Twente receiver, I'm hearing good signals from Saudi Arabia on 21505, WRMI on 21565, and Radio France International on 21690 kHz. As I'm typing this, someone just signed on 21650 kHz . . . I think it's the BBC in French. Otherwise, the lower 250 kHz of the 13m broadcast band are clear in Europe. On my own receiver, I have Saudi Arabia fair/fading on 21505, WHRI on 21610, and what I think is the BBC on 21650.

19m: Also on the Twente receiver, 15000 to 15100 kHz is wide open, aside from All India Radio on 15040 kHz. On my own receiver, I have WWV with a fair signal on 15000, a carrier from All India Radio on 15040 kHz.

1230 UTC: Still early in North America for any transatlantic logs.

Pirate Logs
OTR unid: 6770, 11/5, 1315+ Sounds like a detective show? The signal's pretty good, but it's tough to copy anything in this S7 noise! Just heard a CBS Radio ID and into an old ad. This is probably the best signal I've had from this station in about 6 months, so it's too bad about the noise

Cupid Radio: 15070.5, 11/5, 1451+ Very nice peaks here, so I hope the signal will keep improving. Pop music and shoutouts to ULX2 and others. Clear ID. Faded out by around 1520, but faded back & now it's about 1625 UTC and there are some really nice peaks, with pop music. Thanks for the show!

Mike Radio: 13895U, 11/5, 1532+ Weak signal, but I do have music peaking up. Haven't been able to ID any songs yet

Relay Station unid: 5150, 11/5, 1941+ Relaying a buy/sell amateur radio net! Would really surprise me if I heard this without knowing about the relay. One station is in Sacramento. Still on at 2300 UTC with an excellent signal. Charlie Feathers "Can't Hardly Stand It"

Pirate Logs via Twente web receiver
1626.2, 11/5, 1915+ Splatter from, I believe 1635.9. Folk music with accordian. Listeners on Iann's chat say this is either Greek or Serbian. Pretty awesome to finally hear one of these. Sounds like he must be running a lot of power to go that distance.

1630, 11/5, 1905+ Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" Sounded like op taking a phone call (both sides audible)

1635.9, 11/5, 1913+ Station with enormous and wide signal. Older Dutch folk music: schlager, yodeling, etc.


  1. Newer UTC times appear to be an hour off. Nice reporting.

  2. Just saw the change to UTC changes. Ignore my report. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the comments . . . I'm not good with that tricky stuff, like telling time :)