Sunday, November 6, 2016

Global HF Logs: 11/6/16

1545 UTC: Cupid Radio did well this morning, with reports from Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Rhode Island, Ukraine, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and who knows where else.

1355 UTC: BTW, no carrier audible here from the 9300.8 station

1337 UTC: 9300.8 probably isn't high enough in frequency to make it to North America, but I'll give it a listen

1324 UTC: While I wait for Global HF broadcasts, I'm checking out some stations on the Twente webreceiver (see Twente logs below)

1245 UTC: Same bandscan as yesterday morning, except that I'm also hearing Radio France International on 21580 kHz.

Pirate Radio Logs
OTR unid: 6770, 11/6, 1342+ Back again with a drama. Signal much weaker than yesterday morning, but I don't have the local noise that I had then, so it evens out.

Cupid Radio: 15070, 11/6, 1545+ Left just before sign on and returned to the receiver as the signal was fading out. Signal seems to be right on 15070, unlike yesterday

Loggings via Twente Webreceiver
Radio AC/DC: 6240, 11/6, 1324+ Good signal with Bee Gees, Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer"

unid: 6230.66, 11/6, 1326+ Fair signal with what sounds like Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

Akenzo: 6267, 11/6, 1400+ Huge signal with schlager. Male DJ talking with mix of Dutch and English. Tough for me to understand, but ID per Iann's chat

Focus International: 6286.9, 11/6, 1332+ Excellent signal with rock music. Clear ID, e-mail address, into song by Wolfsbane

unid: 7700, 11/6, 1349+ post-new wavey dance music, "Let's Do the Timewarp Again" good signal. I think there was an ID a bit ago, but the signal took a quick fade & I missed it. Off mid-song at 1354

unid: 9300.8, 11/6, 1336+ Orange Juice "Rip It Up," excellent signal

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