Friday, October 19, 2018

Global HF Weekend, November 2-4, 2018

The Global HF Weekend is coming up November 2-4, 2018. The GHFW occurs the 1st weekend in April and the first weekend in November every year. The idea is that it's a set time for listeners and stations to try testing to different parts of the world. Over the past few years, the high frequencies have not been great for propagation between Europe and North America, but stations have still been able to reach other continents by operating at other times, etc.

An interesting twist this year is that some hardcore DXers will be listening over the weekend from Prince Edward Island. These guys primarily DX on medium wave and their logs are phenomenal. They literally logged at least 30 countries on medium wave. They also actually heard a number of pirates on the band, including Radio Calypso, Monte Carlo Radio, Bluebird Radio, Radio Doctor Einstein, Witte Tornado and the Lady, and Polkaman. I wonder how many pirates from Europe or North America will test anywhere from 1611 up to about 1720 or 1730 kHz for this DXpedition? Whoever does so has a great chance to be heard in PEI, Canada.

Of course, others will be listening on shortwave, and I'm looking forward to hearing who might turn up. I plan to be updating this blog with information about the weekend and also about Halloween coming up. If any stations send schedules to me, I'll post them here without station names for security reasons.

Also, I've been e-mailing Pirate Radio Annual entries out to stations all week. I'll probably write more about that tomorrow


  1. Promo for "Global HF Weekend" Event @

  2. Thanks for creating & posting it!

  3. You're Welcome Andy!

    Let's hope condx will be great!


  4. Yes, Andrew! We should be up and running by late in the afternoon (local) on Saturday night, and running until early in the morning the following Saturday. Peak DX times for us is local time mid afternoon to the evening, and some of us DX in the early mornings as well. We look forward to hearing as many Europirates as possible! MW or SW. You can email details of planned broadcasts to me at 73, Walt

  5. Thanks for the note, Walt. Sounds like a great time and I hope the DXpedition is a huge success as it has been in past years!