Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Some loggings via the Twente receiver in Holland (10/24)

2345 update: I have some decent fade ups of Zenith Classic Rock on 5780 on my home receiver, but only carriers for Laser Hot Hits and Coast FM at this point.

Tuning around the Twente receiver a bit while working today. It's a good prep for the Global HF Weekend about 10 days from now.

1615, 10/24, 1705+ Lots of schlager, including 1 song with some English about boxing. Good signal

1629, 10/24, 1744+ Schlager with a much older sound, including 1 that mentioned “Mississippi,” “senoritas,” and “Mexico” Male DJ that talked fast. ID sounded kind of like “Radio Caiman”

1655, 10/24, 1747+ Mix of US/English pop & Dutch schlager, including “Boys of Summer,” Disco cover of “Bend Me, Shape Me.” Fair signal
Weak stations also on 1660, 1665, & 1680 at 1757 UTC

Laser Hot Hits: 6205, 10/24, 1758+ fair signal and fading out completely at times with disco, older rock, & pop, comedy routine by a man about the “home office” and pirate radio. Group of DJs talking & having fun. Bit of the Benny Hill theme song (Boots Randolph “Yakity Sax”) in the background at one point.

Coast FM: 6230, 10/24, 1758 Very strong with disco & older pop. ID “Coast FM’s awesome ‘80s” The Police “Walkin’ on the Moon,” Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough. Ads for British Corner Shop, Red Tomato, etc. PSA for not partying on balconies!

Unid: 3920, 10/24, 1810+ Some schlager songs & off by the time I checked back at 1838 UTC

Zenith Classic Rock: 5780, 10/24, 1841+ Started good, then started fading down. Pro-sounding DJ talking about songs, such as “Year of the Tiger” by Tony Andrews

Zeppelin Radio International: 7725, 10/24, 1918+ Fair/poor with a country rock, including The Band “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” ID per HFU

Radio Sovereign: 6318, 10/24, 1952+ Mostly carrier, but music fading up from time to time. Jackson 5 “I’ll Be There,” disco. ID per HFU

Charleston Radio International: 5140, 10/24, 2000+ Novelty song from maybe the ‘30s? Weak & fading. ID per the UKDXer blog

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