Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021!

Merry Christmas!

Pirate Radio Boston: 6872.6, 1250+ Tuned in to dead carrier around 1250 or so. Charlie & Mr. X reading listener letters, including one from Jerry Coatsworth. Announcing the old Stoneham, MA, address. All reggae Christmas music. Great to hear C & Mr. X again--even if it is an old show

4185U, 0323+ Good signal initially. Lots of newer metal, including at least one Christmas song. I assume this was Sycko, but I didn't hear an ID while I was listening


Radio Casanovas: 6135, 0955 It was very strong on the Twente receiver, but only a carrier was audible at my location

Premier Radio International: 6275, 0940-1000+ Some audio making it across. I think I was hearing Christmas music & some talk. I'll have to listen to my recordings a bit more closely

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