Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Christmas week lead-off, 12/22/2021

It's been far, far too long since I've added any blog entries, whether for pirate-listening entries, restoration projects or anything else. At this point, who knows if anyone other than some spammers will see this post!

I planned to post last week, but it was the beginning of me catching COVID. I decided against posting then because it seems that many people search out those online who have it, whether to prove to everyone that COVID is life-threatening . . . or that it doesn't really exist. My personal experience is that it definitely kept me on the couch and unwilling to get up to check the radio for the past week. I hope to soon recover the bounce in my step that enables me to get back to my upstairs radio room within minutes of a station signing on.

Over the past year or two, I've picked up an AOR 7030 and had a couple of radios restored, picked up a few more radio projects, and set up a horizontal loop antenna with one of Black Cat Labs matching transformers at the heart. I've also heard a lot of pirate radio through the course of it all.

Europe via Twente Web Receiver

1611, 1910+ Steely Dan "Do It Again" "More muuuuuusic" promo, Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone" live, "Remember these golden classics" promo, Supertramp "Dreamer," promo about "loving awareness"--I think this was the Radio Caroline concept?, The Who "Won't Get Fooled Again"

1665, 2123+ Schlager. VG signal. Kind of sounded like an ID of Radio Polka Boys at 2126 UTC, but my Dutch is terrible. DJ then said "this is Queen album" . . . but then into more polka, so I guess I got that one wrong, too

Indy Radio: 6930.9, 0003+ Fair signal with what sounds like electric fence interference (pop-pop-pop-pop . . .). Light pop music that I'm not identifying. Haven't heard this one on my home receiver yet


  1. Welcome back! Your blog bounced to the top of my blog list after you updated it.

    The station on 1611 is called Radio Augusta which has made the frequency its home for the few weeks. The operator is based in Ivory Coast but the transmitter is thought to be in the Netherlands or Belgium. He is a fan of the offshore pirates from the 60s.

    It has a website at:

  2. Thanks for the info! Fascinating that someone in the Ivory Coast would be inspired to create an offshore-like station and manage to find someone to transmit the programming in Western Europe! Hope you have a great Christmas weekend!