Monday, November 16, 2020

A few logs: 11/16/20

 Well, 2020's been bad for my blogging.

Europe via Twente, Netherlands web receiver

1620 kHz, 1825+ Schlager, VG signal, some splatter from 1627. Male announcer

1627 kHz, 1828+ '60s Dutch pop with male announcer. VG signal

Columbia: 1632 kHz, 2025-2028* Male announcer in Dutch, shoutouts, then "David, this is especially for you" 

1636 kHz, 1810+ Perfect signal with AC/DC "Highway to Hell," The Police "Walking on the Moon," announcer talking in Dutch. Thought I heard mention of "harmonica" a couple of times and wondered if that might be the ID, but I couldn't find it on the UKDXer list, so that must not be correct

1646 kHz, 1829+ Instrumental beer hall schlager, VG signal

1646 kHz, 2035+ Male announcer talking & mentioned Columbia. Think maybe he mentioned "Radio Digital," which is Dutch MW pirate. Schlager music

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