Sunday, April 5, 2020

Global HF Weekend: Sunday 4/5/20

Wow, it was a great night for listening to pirates in North America! Stations with long programs and coast-to-coast signals included Skippy Radio, Radio Free Whatever, Wolverine Radio, WBLU, Virus-19 Radio, and X-FM (via Mix Radio International and Radio Illuminati).

Some of the other stations with shorter programs or more regional signals included Yeah Man Radio, Sycko Radio, WTF Radio, and Ion Radio.

We'll see what's in store for today. If I get a chance, maybe I'll even write a few reception reports. Regardless, I'll try to update the blog a bit through the day.

Strawberry Lemonade Radio: 6950U, 1410+ Weak signal. Station playing rock with extended jams. I don't yet have this quite tuned in. I missed the ID, but this is it per HFU logs

Strawberry Lemonade Radio: 6950U, 1550+ Speed metal. Better signal for me than earlier. Clear ID at end "We might be back later  . . . or we might die"

Radio Ga-Ga: 6925U, 1608+ Pretty weak with music

Mix Radio International: 4960U, 2138+ A variety of music that I don't know. Pretty good signal. Wonder if it's Mix Radio International, which hasn't aired any of its own programming this weekend. Heard a programming ID for "____ dot com" At 2155, I thought announcer said "Chillout Radio." Licensed-sounding ID, so I wonder if it's a satellite radio channel or something. Radio 48 ID at 2200

Virus-19: 6936U, 2204+ Very strong signal again. Said coming from an undisclosed location off the Carolina coast. Thomas Dolby "She Blinded Me with Science"

Captain Morgan Shortwave: 6924.2, 0006+ Great signal with blues. Lotsa Twilight Zone musical theme segments with IDs

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