Saturday, April 4, 2020

Global HF Weekend, Saturday Night, 4/5 UTC

Sorry that I missed out on so much activity! I had to be away from the radio, but there's been a ton of activity. Nice to see so much activity later in the evening that the West Coast listeners can enjoy. I don't know the last time four North American shortwave pirates were broadcasting at the same time in the 0200-0300 UTC block. Maybe a few Halloweens ago?

Skippy Radio: 6955U, 0225+ The Animals "We Gotta Get Out of This Place. Excellent signal, Billy Idol "Eyes without a Face," SSTV, into live blues, lots more SSTV images, Drowning Pool "Bodies," Arlo Guthrie "Alice's Restaurant" cut off, then J. Geils "Insane, Insane Again" and "Rage in the Cage"

WBLU (tent.): 6930U, 0225+ Saw the logs on HFU & tried to tune it in. It sounds like something is still here

Radio Free Whatever: 4195U, 0225-0245* Nice signal. DJ Dick Weed talking about Covid-19 and how he stopped smoking. Alternative rock. Said that he should be signing off now because the signal is probably skipping out to Antarctica & nowhere else. Lots of C-19 talk & sign off with "Do whatever in the confines of your own home."

Sycko Radio: 4165U, 0247+ Pretty good signal. Some kinda weird music. Laughing about being considered "essential"

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