Sunday, February 27, 2022

Logs and more

I haven't heard much activity via my own receiver lately. I listened to X-FM on Friday night, but mostly via a web receiver so that I could hear it in stereo. I was away for nearly all of yesterday. And, so far today, I heard a station on 6925 kHz USB around 1330 or so, but I was away from the radio again and need to check for an ID and more information.

Meanwhile, war continues to rage in Ukraine and I've been listening to the radio and checking for information about pirates and/or clandestine stations broadcasting from or to the region. I haven't heard Radio Europe or seen any logs from the station over the past day or so. Hope the operators are safe.

Logs via Twente (Netherlands) web receiver

Radio Monique International: 6325 kHz, 1740-1810* Simon & Garfunkel "Hazy Shade of Winter," Talking Heads "Psycho Killer," "Eve of Destruction," Bob Marley "One Love." Excellent signal. Talk about the war in Ukraine and how everyone needs to protest against Russia because it could mean the safety of the world. At end of show, told Russian soldiers in Belarus to turn around and not participate. Calling Putin "a crazy madman"

UVB-76: 4625 kHz, 1730+ The Russian military station is going strong, but I didn't see any jamming, waterfall images, or broadcasts of the Ukrainian national anthem

1900 UTC Update

A station on 4625 kHz is jamming UVB-76 with what currently sounds like Eastern European disco. The jammer is very strong at the University of Twente site 

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