Monday, February 28, 2022

Pirates, Radio Ukraine International, etc.

 Not a lot going on at about 1230 UTC. 

I listened for Radio Ukraine International via WRMI, but this particular transmission is beamed to Central & South America. I thought I'd still be able to pick up some signal bouncing from somewhere. I did have a little bit rattle into the antenna, but all I had was carrier with a bit of unintelligible talk. It was a significant statement for WRMI to air RUI's programs for free and although I appreciate their efforts, it would be nice if a station would air their shows with a beam to North America.

I checked 4625 kHz to see if anyone was jamming UVB-76, the Russian military data station. UVB-76 is loud & clear at 1255 UTC, but nothing else is being heard on the frequency. I mentioned a few days ago here that someone is streaming UVB-76 on YouTube. What amazes me is that every time I check this feed, there seem to be about 50 to 80 people viewing it when it's just intermittent buzz. 

As far as standard pirate radio goes, I did hear Outhouse Radio last night on 6925 kHz, Ion Radio on 6955 kHz with a fantastic signal. This morning, I had Radio Pushka on 6920 kHz with a signal very similar to that of WRMI this morning: decent carrier but just a bit of audio.

1650 UTC update

I hadn't heard Radio Europe in the past day or so and I didn't see any logs during that time. It's nice that I can report the station again because it means the operators are safe. I'm hearing it right now via a web receiver in Poland on 5835.2 kHz playing Roy Orbison "Pretty Woman." I think it's too early for the signal to be propagating too far to the West, but I could also hear it on the Twente receiver, as well as KIWI SDRs in Germany and Switzerland. 

Radio Europe image from their YouTube channel

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