Thursday, October 13, 2022

Hobby Broadcasting Radio

For years, I've mostly avoided airtime. I've been invited to be on the radio a few times, but turned it down. I did a bunch of radio interviews around 1996 for the second edition of Pirate Radio Stations, and more for the third edition of the book around 2001, culminating in an appearance on Art Bell. The biggest reason that I stopped is that I'm not a smooth talker and not the quickest on my feet. I just don't really like to talk that much. So, I stuck to what I've been better at: writing.

But over the course of the past few years, I've seen plenty of people with interests in shortwave and other "mysterious" radio, but they never really connect with the pirates and DXers. They catch mystery transmitters in video games and watch spy numbers station videos on YouTube. The newbies aren't reading about it in books, or magazines that I used to write for, like Popular Electronics, Popular Communications, etc.

Just before the pandemic rolled in, as we were discussing the state of the hobby at the SWL Winterfest, I was thinking that I should create a monthly show to put on YouTube and to get onto the private shortwave stations. That maybe showcasing some audio bites from recently heard stations and radio history would get pique some interest in the hobby and get cause positive discussion.

During the Covid shutdowns, I thought it would be a perfect time, but I had so much going on, both workwise and personally, that I didn't. But I kept thinking it was something that I should pursue. 

I received an e-mail a few weeks ago, offering the opportunity to create a radio show about pirate radio on the 5130-kHz transmitter of WBCQ. Whether this is God giving me a green light or I'm on the precipice of taking on more than I can handle, I don't know, but I said "yes" and I'm starting to brainstorm and assemble things.

The first episode of Hobby Broadcasting Radio will air on the 3rd Thursday of November on 5130 kHz. I've been considering assembling a program 0 to start with, but I'm not sure that I would have it ready in October.

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