Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A few logs from Europe via Twente

 I listened to a few stations on the computer while I was working (also on the computer) today. I should've checked the radio early because someone was on in North America. Later on, I was working and occasionally checking the HFU board . . . but I forgot to check the Latin America board and Radio Cidades was heard with good signals in New England, Alaska, and France on 10230 kHz around 2300 UTC!

Logs via Twente web receiver

unid: 4625, 1400+ Music being aired on UVB-76's frequency. I assume this is a jammer, but presumably from Western or maybe Central Europe because it had a good signal, but UVB-76 wasn't audible at all. 

Radio Europe: 5835.2, 1815+ "Respect," Beach Boys "Good Vibrations," Chuck Berry "Johnny B. Goode," Beatles "Hey Jude," Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Who "My Generation," Clash "London Calling"

Marianna?: 1617, 2025+ Some older Dutch pop. Male announcer with short, tight reverb

1621, 2110+ Polkas & schlager. Male announcer sounded like he mentioned "Marianna" a lot, so I assume he's QSOing with the Marianna op. I couldn't understand his ID

1646, 2125+ Polka-ish song "Little by Little." Levels are varying a lot and sometimes they were really distorted, such as during one annoucement


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