Saturday, April 2, 2022

Mike Radio & Mix Radio International being heard across the Atlantic

 Getting this up quickly in case anyone sees this message & checks it out in time:

Mix Radio International: 15500 kHz USB, 1722+ Mix has a fair signal with smooth jazz on the Twente web receiver

Mike Radio: 5841 (via Twente) and 15080 (on my own receiver), 1645+ Excellent on Twente web receiver with "Angie." Announcement with both frequencies. 15080 is intended for Eastern Europe, but I heard a decent carrier on 15080, and even some occasional audio. First I've heard Mike Radio with my own radio in a few years. I'm recording it from my R8, but casually listening on Twente. Shoutout to me & Kinks "Sunny Afternoon," Mike Radio jingles. Said getting stronger in Australia on 15080. Said should be audible in Kiev on 15080, if anyone has time to listen. My antenna isn't that great on 19m, so I'd bet some other DXers could hear this with a better signal in North America

I guess Mike Radio was audible in Ukraine on 5841 as well as 15080 because soon after it signed off, Radio Europe showed up on 5835.2 kHz.

Radio Europe (Ukraine): 5835.2, 1730+ Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone"

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