Saturday, March 26, 2022

Some radio crates + loggings

 I wanted to post a number of times this week, but I've been away from the radio a lot. I have listened a bit off and on, but it seems like I never have enough to really justify posting on the blog.

Just got back home after helping relatives move some of their stuff. This morning I was at an auction. Live personal property auctions without lot numbers are such a waste of time because you spend the whole day standing (or sitting) around, just waiting for the thing you want to finally make its way up to the auctioneer. Probably a half dozen or so things that I was interested in weren't chosen to appear before the auctioneer in the three and a half hours that we were standing in the 38-degree temps, so when it started raining (and snow a bit later), we left.

At the auction were a couple of radio crates that I thought were really cool:

Both of these were complete crates. The RCA crate had been refitted with hinges and was probably used for storage in an attic for nearly a century. The Sparton crate was nice and clean--didn't look like it had been repurposed. I guess it was just buried under piles of stuff in someone's attic. I'm always fascinated with stuff like this that shouldn't really survive. BTW, I looked up the Sparton Equasonne Model 79 and it looks like this.

To and from the truck, we were greeted with this friendly (or maybe not so) face:

Could he be guarding the WDOG or KDOG transmitter site? Who knows? He wasn't about to share any secrets.

Here are some loggings. I'm posting dates for these because I'm including a few from earlier in the week. 

Loggings via my own receiver

Mix Radio International: 6880U, 3/26, 2350+ MRI with an ID and opera music. I can honestly say that I've never heard operatic songs on a pirate. Very strong with some flutter

X-FM: 6285, 3/27, 0229+ Listening on an SDR at the moment so that I can listen in stereo. <Later>I guess that was a mistake because I'm hearing it much better on my own receivers. I fired up the R-390A, opened the filter to 16 kHz, & am running it into the guitar amp. Sounds good!

Loggings via Twente

Verona: 1665, 3/16, 1715+ Schlager. Male announcer talking very fast in Dutch. ID per Iann's Chat.

Twentana: 1629, 1824+ Medley of '50s rock songs, into 40+ minutes of schlager & polkas. I thought I heard the announcer say "cortana" or maybe "quintana," so I checked Iann's Chat and see that Twentana is on 1629.

Radio Europe (Ukraine): 5835.2, 3/21, 1929+ RTTY QRM on 5838. Led Zep "Stairway to Heaven," Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil"

Napoleon: 1660, 3/26, 2300+ Very strong with schlager & polka tunes. Male announcer with a number of mentions of "Napoleon." Song in Dutch, but with a chorus of "Oh, Angela." 

Radio Technical Man: 1660, 3/26, 2355+ Left the computer to tune in Mix Radio International on my radio and came back to clear IDs in English, French, and another language for Radio Technical Man, complete with a phone number for requests. Was what I thought was Napoleon actually Radio Technical Man or did Napoleon sign off and be followed by Radio Technical Man? Definitely a different announcer, so I guess these are two different stations. Birthday wishes to David

WFDR: 6900U, 3/27, 0130+ Kind of funny to be listening to a North American station via Twente, but the signal was actually really clear. FDR speeches


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